How To Know If Your Ex Is Likely To Commit Revenge Porn.

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Psychological Traits That Shows Your Ex Is Likely To Commit Revenge Porn.

You walked out of the restaurant, feeling quite relieved. You had just broken up with your ex, and it went amicably. You both had agreed to remain friends. Later that day, you got home only to find nude pictures of yourself on Facebook, the scandalous sex tape you both made had been leaked online.

This scenario is now very common; as millions of individuals are victims of online harassment and sexual assault. This harassment is usually committed by an ex who uses your sex tapes or nude pictures in what’s known as “revenge porn.”

What is revenge porn?

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According to a study, published in International Journal of Technoethics, revenge porn is the act of sharing intimate, sexually graphic images and/or videos of another person onto public online platforms. The online platforms can include, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

Recently, researchers at the University of Kent in England identified the most common psychological traits of a revenge porn perpetrator

According to the study carried out by lead researcher Dr. Afroditi Pina from the University’s School of Psychology, and her colleagues, revenge porn perpetrators possess a different personality profile, which makes them predisposed towards committing the terrible crime. There was a positive correlation between individuals most likely to engage in revenge porn, and a high level of the “Dark Triad” psychological characteristics.

What is the “Dark Triad”?

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The “Dark Triad” refers to three distinct personality traits: narcissism, Machiavellianism, and psychopathy. The word “dark” was used to lay emphasis on the possession of malevolent qualities by such individual. Impulsivity and lack of empathy are the most common traits of individuals who are most likely to commit the crime.

How do you recognize them?

They are the ones most likely to want to stay friends after a breakup, but for their own benefit. Additionally, individuals who scored high for narcissism were most likely to prolong a former romantic relationship for practicality and the chance of hooking up. These people find it difficult letting go, so they seek revenge as a way of exerting their power and control over their victims.

Not only does Pina’s study give us insight into the psychological profile of a culprit, it also raises an important question, why is there a big acceptance of revenge porn among people?


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4 Easy Ways To Overcome Shyness For Good.


4 Easy Ways To Overcome Shyness For Good.

A lot of us were shy in our younger years. While as adults, some overcame it, others still find themselves held back from attaining their goals, and making connections with others due to shyness. With a little bit of practice, you can overcome shyness. Here are 4 Easy steps to help you get started.

Expose Yourself To New Things

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The first thing you have to do, before practicing talking to other people is to try things you would never do otherwise. Have I confused you?

Basically, work on getting more comfortable with trying new things. It doesn’t matter whether it’s going on a hike for the first time, trying new food, or going up to say hello to a new girl. Get the hell out of your comfort zone, and you won’t worry too much when entering new territory or speaking to strangers.

Work On Your Confidence

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Lack of self-esteem can be injurious in many aspects of your life. This can prevent you from establishing healthy social bonds and relationships.

In your quest to overcome your shyness, always remind yourself that you’re worthy of sustaining somebody’s interest in a conversation, regardless of the fact that you may have nothing in common. Practice confidence boosting habits such as, exercising regularly, staying social, dressing well, avoiding negative thoughts, and improving positive body language.


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Science Reveal Why Revenge Makes You feel So Good

Man pointing a gun at co workers

Most folks have a craving for revenge, if a lecturer flunks us; or if our colleague backstabs us. We regularly hear the saying, “revenge is good,”. The desire to harm those who’ve hurt us sounds satisfying to our wounded egos. Science has found a decent reason why.

Recent study printed within the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology suggests that seeking payback on those who’ve wronged us triggers a desire to spice up our mood by whatever means we consider necessary, specifically aggression.

“Retaliatory aggression is usually a nice feeling,” said the researchers, within the study.

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Revenge could be a deep instinct several folks have. We regularly look for it as ascertaining justice, and guarantee folks don’t hurt us in the future. Previous analysis found that, we have a tendency to want to look for revenge if we’re driven by power, by authority, and by the need for standing in the society. In alternative words, it is a coping mechanism we have a tendency to use to diminish our shame, or a self-preservation technique.

With this in mind, researchers from the University of Kentucky investigated the ways that within which revenge and aggression boost our mood. They found aggression may be a viable technique of mood repair, however the relief that anger provides could be a wretched consolation.

A total of 156 participants were asked to jot down an essay from a private topic of their selection, before they swapped with others to urge feedback. One cluster of participants received nasty feedback (composed by the researchers). The researchers measured mood before and after participants were given the possibility show a symbolic sort of aggression — projecting pins into virtual voodoo doll imagined as the one who had given them mean feedback (black magic). This did seem to repair mood for those rejected, to the state where their mood was indistinguishable from participants who received nice feedback.

Now, to analyze motives, David Chester and C. Nathan DeWall recruited 154 participants who got a placebo pill and were told it had a selected side effect. Once it kicked in, their mood would become fastened and unchanging (all these claims concerning the pill were a fiction, it had been an inert placebo).

The participants took half during a computer-based game where they and 2 different players passed a ball back and forth. Those placed within the “Rejection condition” got a cold shoulder from their 2 playmates, that were pre-programmed laptop responses. They received solely 3 of the thirty passes, compared to an equal share of passes within the “Accepted condition.”

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Participants were asked to rate how rejected they felt, and felt the necessity to require an opportunity on revenge. The following game was a straightforward “first to the buzzer” reaction race. However, every round the slower player was continually reprimanded by a blast of noise through their headphones.

Once participants were quicker, they may modify the intensity of the noise suffered by their opponent, up to one hundred and five decibels. Those who’d suffer rejection selected to impose louder sound blasts on their opponent (who rated them lower). However, people who got the placebo pill, and were rejected, were unaffected by snubbing. The pill made them believe they’d no immediate method of improving their mood, therefore there would be no purpose lashing out.

In the break between games, these participants were alerted that the drug was by now absolutely active and their mood would keep because it was for an hour. These participants restricted their sound blasts to the lower levels administered by participants who hadn’t suffered earlier rejection.

The participants who administered lower levels were unaffected by the snubbing, as a result of their belief that they’d no prospect of improving their mood. Therefore, there would not be a point in lashing out. However, the avengers felt pleasure over somebody else’s misfortune, after that same person had socially rejected them.

The only reason why obtaining revenge might stroke our ego is to alleviate our terrible mood.


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How Smiling In Pictures Actually Makes You Look Older.


How Smiling In Pictures Actually Makes You Look Older.

Everyone loves a good smile. Dazzling white grins are employed in advertisements to sell everything from dentifrice, to tampons and herpes medication. However, whereas those pearly whites may cause you to a lot of attention, they don’t make you seem younger. This is in line with researchers from Western University in Ottawa, Canada.

According to the publication in the Psychonomic Bulletin and Review, the study checked out the impact of facial expressions on perceived age. Participants viewed pictures of seventy men and girls, who were photographed with a positive and neutral expression, for a total of one hundred forty photos. They were asked to guess however old every face was.

After the experiment, subjects were asked whether or not smiling usually make somebody look older, younger or had no impact on age. The findings showed that most people (individuals) oftentimes thought the happy folks were older, despite the fact that participants aforesaid they believed smiling made folks seem younger.

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“The crucial issue was that once we asked participants later on concerning their perceptions, they mistakenly recalled that they’d identified smiling faces as the youngest ones,” says study author Melvyn Goodale of Western University, during a statement. “They were fully blind to the actual fact they’d ‘aged’ the happy-looking faces. Their perceptions and their beliefs were polar opposites.”

In a second a part of the study, the team replicated the primary experiment however threw in a third expression: Surprise. Again, folks guessed that those sporting smiles were older, however, this time, folks wearing shocked expressions gave the impression to be the youngest.

Goodman says the wrinkles shaped round the eyes are often blamed for aging us once we smile. instead, when we seem appalled, those lines smooth, that is why we’d appear younger when learning shocking news, like the death of a loved one.


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7 Physical Attributes Men Are Most Attracted To In Women And Why.

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What physical attributes exactly do men look for in women? Well, we already have a rough idea what the answer to that question is. According to evolutionary psychologists, they look basically for signs of youth, health and fertility. They might also look for signs of healthy characteristics that the female might pass onto his children, like emotional intelligence and stability.

This article not only explains the seven physical attributes men are attracted to, it also gives you the reason based on years of research. So, here is the question you need to ask yourself,

Question: Why are men attracted to…


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Men prefer younger women due to the fact that they have greater reproductive value than older women. This relays to the expected number of children that she is yet to have in her reproductive career

Evolutionary psychologists suggest that this is the reason for the seeming attractiveness of young women, in spite of concern in civilized society with the age of consent. They explained further that, because our ancestors did not have such laws, the human brain finds it challenging to understand these rules which never existed until now.


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Researchers Disclose Why Men Lie And Cheat.


The question, “Why do men lie?” is an age old question that has confounded the most brilliant people. Some researchers tried tackling the question, you won’t believe what they found out.

According to past studies, the often people lie and get away with it, the less of an adverse effect it has on their brain. The result is that they feel less guilty about it. That said, while lying is generally an immoral act, there are actually some cases where telling a lie may be beneficial.

A study, which was published sometime last year in Nature discovered that, the brain can adapt to dishonesty. The implication is that; it makes it easier for the dishonest behavior to occur in the future. Lying causes a natural negative reaction in the amygdala.

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According to The Independent, this is an area of the brain which is responsible for guilt. What happens is that, every time we lie and get away with it, the negative response in the amygdala dwindles. The reduction of this negative reaction makes us feel less guilty about lying. Although, the research did not focus specifically on infidelity, the researchers suggested that these results may ring true for dishonesty in relationships.

“The idea would be the first time we commit adultery we feel bad about it. But the next time we feel less bad and so on, with the result that we can commit adultery to a greater extent,” Neil Garrett, a co-author of the paper told Elite Daily. “With serial cheaters, it could be the case that they initially felt bad about cheating, but have cheated so much they’ve adapted to their ways and simply don’t feel bad about cheating anymore.”

On a final note, the paper cautioned on the dangers of telling little “white lies”, suggesting that repeated seemingly harmless behavior such as this could easily give way to deeper, more harmful lies. However, Garrett admitted to Elite Daily that there are different kinds of serial liars. Some may simply be psychopaths, who never feel guilty about lying and cheating in the first place.

People with psychopathic tendencies no regard for others. They are unable to feel the natural guilt associated with lying. Also, these people also make skilled actors. This implies that even though they may not feel guilt, they are quite capable of noting this emotion in others and mimicking it.


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This Is the Kind Of Porn Women Love to Watch.


Have you ever wondered what a woman’s thought on porn is? All things considered, she likely enjoys the X-rated movies herself, particularly since 1 in 4 YouPorn guests are female, as indicated by a current study of 24,000 ladies that visit the site.

Additionally, 16 percent of ladies say watching porn is an approach to fulfill their fantasies without particularly acting  on them, as per the review. According to  Men’s Health Girl Next Door, Solo sex gives her a chance to be a little selfish.

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All things considered, you may further ask, what turns her on during her solo sessions. The YouPorn overview study showed that, ladies go straight for what they know: 34 percent of ladies pick videos that incorporate individuals they can identify with, which means they’re of similar age, weight, and ethnicity. In addition, 28 percent of ladies incline toward porn videos that incorporate a dominant female character.

Seeing that 56 percent of ladies announced that they’ve envisioned themselves in a porn video, it’s not precisely shocking ladies lean toward videos they can identify with.

In a review distributed in the Journal of Sex Research a year ago, specialists studied more than 2,000 men and ladies about their most viewed classifications of pornography.

Want to know what the most searched porn genre for ladies? Oral sex, threesomes, soft-core, women, gang-bang, and large penises. Oral sex and threesomes also featured as most searched item for guys too.


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Researchers Explain Women’s Attraction To A Man’s Muscular Chest


Ladies love Channing Tatum, and science has proven that it might have nothing to do with his boyish good looks, or his ability to move his body. Women are attracted to his muscles, more specifically, his muscular chest. Have you ever wondered why?

According to researchers of Texas A&M University, Women are more likely to rate men with larger, more muscular upper bodies as more attractive, regardless of the presence or absence of facial, or chest hair.

Image result for muscular chest

The eye tracking study, which was published in the journal Evolutionary showed that women direct their visual attention towards precise areas of men’s bodies when assessing attractiveness.

In the research, 90 Mexican American Ladies between the ages 18 to 38 were asked to examined coloured pictures of a yooung Caucasian male in his early adulthood, while the researchers tracked their gaze, using an eye tracking technology.

The result showed that women direct their gaze towards the chest, followed by the head, midriff, and lower portion of the body.

Ray Garza, Co- Author of the research told PsyPost, “I was interested in the topic because of my general interest in evolutionary reasons in predicting attraction. With that said, we noticed that there was limited information on men’s attraction by women during different stages of the menstrual cycle”.


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