Erotic Lactophillia; 4 Reasons Men Are Sexually Attracted To Breast Milk.


Erotic Lactophillia; 4 Reasons For Men’s Sexual Attraction To Breast Milk.

The number of fetishes a man can possess is endless. Ranging from specific body parts to objects associated with the body, which include boots, underwear, or stockings. In some cases, aside from attraction to body parts and clothing, some folks can develop fetishes for bodily fluids.

For instance, some individuals are sexually aroused by urine, also known as Urophillia. Another bodily fluid that some have a fetish for is breast milk. This type of sexual attraction for breast milk is known as lactophilia.

According to a recent sexual fantasy survey conducted by Dr. Justin Lehmiller, out of a sample 4,000 American adults, nearly one-third of the men in the sample reported to have fantasized about breast milk at least once.

Lactophillia can be in different forms. While some men get off on the thought of suckling on a woman’s breasts and drinking it, others get turned on by the idea of simply watching a woman lactate or being lactated upon to be arousing.

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Although most guys who find breast milk to be arousing keep their fetishes to themselves, a few have actually trying to turn their fantasies into reality.

There are many “adult breastfeeding” sites whose business it is to cater exclusively to grown-up men. Also, in Japan, “lactation bars” are popping up in different location. So, instead of getting a shot of whisky or vodka, you get to drink a glass of freshly pumped breast milk. According to Japan Daily, if you’re willing to pay the prize, you can even drink directly from the source.

Feeling of Closeness To Their Mother

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Researchers attempt to explain the reason for the fetish using Freud’s Psychosexual Theory. They proposed that individuals with breast milk fetishes are, on some level, seeking emotional comfort or closeness to their mothers.

Adult Baby Syndrome

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Adult Baby Syndrome is a condition that slightly overlaps with lactophillia. The syndrome simply means, adults who are turned on by the idea of acting like an infant or child. The most common behavior associated with this syndrome is the desire to be taken care of, and nursed like a baby.

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According to researches on Adult Baby Syndrome,  this sort of behavior is linked to the relationship they had with their parents. Specifically, guys who had negative relationships with their mothers are more likely to report wanting to engage in sexual activities with a mommy figure.

This means that, when breast milk fetishes overlap with Adult Baby Syndrome, there just might be something to the Freudian explanation. However, interest in being an adult baby is pretty uncommon, so there’s definitely a lot more to the story.


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