Women’s mental health

Effects Of Abortion On Women’s Mental Health

A woman’s call to get an abortion isn’t always a simple one. Accidental pregnancies can easily result in emotional distress, and eventually take a toll on women’s mental health, however in some cases, an abortion may ease the agony.

According to a recent analysis from the University of California, San Francisco, denying ladies abortions, not the procedure itself, will increase the chance of depression and anxiety.

Women are usually forced to take two visits to an abortion provider on separate days, which may be physically and financially onerous, particularly for low-income earners. This additionally delays the care she requires. Pro-life advocates say these waiting period laws offer ladies enough time to come to a decision whether or not or not they really need an abortion. However, previous analysis shows that most ladies perceive waiting periods as an obstacle, not as an assistance.

Women's mental health

According to M. Antonia Biggs, study author and a social psychologist researcher at UCSF said, ladies who were denied abortions had a lot of anxiety, lower self-worth, reduced life satisfaction compared to ladies who [obtained them initially],” she told the TIME.

In the new study, printed in JAMA psychiatry, a part of an ongoing trial referred to as the Turnaway Study, Biggs and her colleagues followed 956 ladies from twenty one states who wanted an abortion. the ladies were questioned eleven times, as well as once per week when seeking an abortion, and once more each six months for 5 years. This information was used to compare the outcomes of those who had a successful abortion with those that showed up at the clinic past the gestational limits and were turned away.

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The Turnaway study found that most ladies seeking an abortion had beyond usual rates of anxiety and low self-esteem. This is not really that shocking considering that an accidental pregnancy, in itself, could be a stress event for any woman.


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